Curvy Marilyn Monroe Towers By MAD Architects

These fascinating towers are located in Missigauga,Canada. Titled Absolute Towers are designed by Ma Yansong of MAD Architects. These curvy towers are nicknamed Marilyn Monroe by locals. Design house says about it,”The entire building rotates by different degrees at different levels, corresponding with the surrounding


Innovative Berlin Bookshelves In Fallen Trees

This innovative bookshelf is installed in Berlin, Germany by BAUFACHFRAU in 2008. They used trunks of fallen trees as shelves. Books are available through a program “Bookcrossing”.


Food Art : René Redzepi’s Portrait By Golpeavia

This art portrait of the chef René Redzepi is done by Mexican creative studio Golpeavia. Studio was hired to make a portrait of Redzepi for the cover of ClasePremier magazine, but Golpeavia decided to create it using food. René Redzepi is Danish chef and co-owner


Road Printing Machine

This awesome machine is created by Dutch company Vanku BV for automated brick paving. Road printing machine named Tiger Stone is not completely automatic and requires 2-3 workers to put bricks in it.  

Old Man Charcoal portrait drawing

Charcoal Portrait Drawing By Arunava Bid

Here are some amazing and realistic charcoal portrait drawing by Arunava Bid.Arunava is a self taught artist based in Kolkata(Calcutta),India.He specializes in graphite and charcoal drawings.