Creative Illustrations Using Everyday Objects as Art

This is how an artist looks objects around him. We have seen artist using everyday objects as art in our previous posts : Creativity with everyday objects around you and Art with fruits and vegetables.

clove housefly illustration everyday objects as art

A Mumbai based graphic artist Siba Sahu uses his imagination to create amazing and creative illustrations using everyday objects.He illustrates a lady finger as knife , a comb as keyboard, a banana as a boat and clove as a fly .WOW! that is amazing.

Just checkout his creative illustrations below and on his Instagram page here.

banana boat everyday item as art

everyday objects as art bottle penguin illustration

everyday object illustration paint brush mouse

pencil arrow everyday object as art

sickle yak everyday item illustration

ladyfinger as knife object art

mouse as turtle object art

bike track everyday objects as art

Images via Instagram Siba Sahu.

Tell us in the comments below which is your favorite and which made you say WOW!.