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planetary alignment with Giza Pyramid

Planetary alignment with Giza Pyramids

Edit This image was in circulation over social media. This has received several critics from astronomers. The image is certainly photoshopped, but there are claims for it. Kindly visit this link for details : Our sole goal with the post is to inform

interesting facts about gold

9 Interesting Facts About Gold

* Word gold is derived from old English word Gelo meaning yellow. * One ounce of gold can be used to make a 5 microns wire with 50 miles length. You can make a sheet of nine meters square.

space picture tropical cyclone phailin

Tropical Cyclone Phailin and Weather on Earth from Space

Phailin Tropical Cyclone that struck Indian East Coast in Orissa and Andra Pradesh was categorized as very severe cyclone by IMD . Here we bring some space photos of weather and atmosphere on Earth while the cyclone Phailin move towards land.