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History : Empire State Building Under Construction Photos

From 1931 to 1972, Empire State Building remained world’s tallest building. Even after 85 years of completion of its construction, building hasn’t lost its ranking and today its 15th tallest skyscraper in the world. Hard to believe how engineers did this task back then without


You are looking at first people captured in a photograph

The earliest reliably dated photograph of people, taken by Daguerre one spring morning in 1838 from the window of the Diorama, where he lived and worked. It bears the caption huit heure du matin (8 a.m.). Though it shows the busy Boulevard du Temple, the


Shopping Malls Of 1980s

1980s was a period when America’s malls started getting popular among common people. The photos in this post are taken by Michael Galinsky who drove across United States to capture this change in his camera. He started from Smith Haven Mall in Garden City Long

New York History Photo

Painters On Brooklyn Bridge 1914

In this photo, painters are seen on cables of the Brooklyn Bridge. The photo was taken on October 7, 1914 by Eugene de Salignac.


Blending Photographs : Present Day & World War 2

Russia based professional photographer + artist Sergey Larenkov blends photos from time of World War II to present day photos of same places. To create such blends Sergey Larenkov took help of State Museum of History of St. Petersburg and the Russian State Documentary Film