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Food Art : René Redzepi’s Portrait By Golpeavia

This art portrait of the chef René Redzepi is done by Mexican creative studio Golpeavia. Studio was hired to make a portrait of Redzepi for the cover of ClasePremier magazine, but Golpeavia decided to create it using food. René Redzepi is Danish chef and co-owner


Martin Klimas Captures Breaking Porcelain figurine At Right Moments

Martin Klimas is a high speed photographer, he photographed the transformation of porcelain figures when they hit the ground the result turns out amazing.Martin had to take many photos for the perfect shot that he wanted and for that he needed many porcelain figures as he


Fish Creates These Intricate Artistic Patterns On Sand

Professional underwater photographer Yoji Ookata once noticed strange patterns on sand under the sea. These patterns were 6.5 feet in diameter. Yoji decided to take the research further to find reason for such delicate patterns underwater. Findings were mind blowing as artist of these design


Open Wall Resort With Breathtaking Views

This wonderful resort is located near Soufrière, St.Lucia. The Ladera Resort has a total of 9 villas and 23 suites. The unique feature about this resort is that rooms have one open wall giving a beautiful scenery look of Piton Mountains and Caribbean sea on


Beautifully Designed Restaurant Inside A Cave In Italy

Grotta Palazzese a provides a amazing and unique dining experience inside a cave,yes inside a cave. It is a restaurant located inside a limestone cave facing the sea.But the bad news is that it is only opened in the summer seasons.It is located in the